Marks and Spencer PX Pedro Ximenez 2008

By | January 11, 2009

I saw this bottle of PX in Marks & Spencer‘s and had to have it. It was like seeing a dancing monkey wearing a hat. You know there’s something not quite right about it but you’re fascinated in spite of yourself.
I love sherry, and PX sherry is the nectar of the gods. It tastes a lot like a cross between Christmas pudding and toffee sauce. That’s a good thing.  So seeing PX as a dry white wine was like seeing a cat in a knitted dress – oddly compelling.
It was pale, and thin, not like it’s dark sticky relative. It smelled ever so slightly spicy, but more in a floral kind of way, nothing specific. It was indeed dry with a middle of the road level of acidity and a curious aromatic flavour which may have tricked me into thinking it was a cheap wine from Alsace – maybe a thin pinot gris.
My £5 circus experience was worthwhile. It was nice, in both the positive and negative way – pleasant, enjoyable, inoffensive. I’d drink it again, but wouldn’t seek it out.

One thought on “Marks and Spencer PX Pedro Ximenez 2008

  1. GrapesTALK

    Amazing. I have not tried this M&S product but have had some really horrible and unpleasant dry white wines made from Pedro Ximenez.

    I have yet to find a drinkable one. Producers sometimes ass Moscatel or even Malvasia to give it a bit of character.

    But sun-dried Pedro Ximenez grapes made into black treacly gloopy PX is the nectar of the Gods.

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