Calabria Shiraz Viognier 2006

By | October 29, 2008

It’s turned cold, it even snowed yesterday – in October! What’s that all about? I needed something to warm me up. We opted for a Shiraz Voignier – a Rhone blend that normally perks me up on a cold evening. This one came from Australia so I expected extra sunshine in the bottle.
It was a thick rich purple colour, it was positively gloopy in texture. There was lots of fruit, which smelled cooked. If you wrapped blackberries and plums in tin foil with a smidge of vanilla and cinnamon and popped it on the barbeque, then had a drink too many and left it on there until it started to smoke a bit then you could create something rather like this wine.
At 14% alcohol, this could be the drink too many, it packs quite an alcohol punch as well as a fruity one. Expect to pay £7-8 from Laithwaites.

2 thoughts on “Calabria Shiraz Viognier 2006

  1. artpredator

    what a great description!

    btw, love your wine map. great widget! I have tasted at several wineries in Baja California.

    did you ever find any?

    Not the best wines I’ve had (a bit thin and too hot with alcohol), but one of the wineries was on the way to a hot springs

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