Haus Osterreich Sekt – Austrian Sparkling Wine

By | September 8, 2008

The Germans and the Austrians love sparkling wine, drinking more per head than any other nations on earth. Sparkling wine drinking can get to be an expensive hobby if you stick to Champagne, or even the traditional method producers from around the world. However, Sekt provides a handy way around the problem providing cheap bubbles for central Europe.

It’s made from grapes, Riesling if specified, but mostly non-specific grapes, and those grapes come from somewhere, not normally Germany or Austria, but anywhere where there’s a surplus of cheap, unwanted grapes that can’t find a home in wine, or fruit bowls. These grapes are given the choice of being juiced for juice, or for Sekt. The more flighty ones choose a short life of bubbliness. The wines are made in vast tanks. This doesn’t add up to a recipe for subtle, delicate flavours to be savoured.

Sekt is served up as an aperitif, and in Vienna we found it served as one of your five fruit portions a day with breakfast. Haus Osterreich seemed to be the popular brand of choice and at under a fiver a bottle in stores it’s easy to see why.
It tastes like Schloer – fizzy grape juice – but with a alcohol on the side. It’s sweet, it’s grapey, and it’s easy to drink a glass, but a second would be cloying.