Marvellous Mark Cavendish

By | July 13, 2008

Cavendish took another stage yesterday – hurrah! I’m low on English wines, but had one bottle of red that I’d picked up at the vineyard gate on my travels around the country. It was from a winery I’d been to before and I’d enjoyed good wine.
We cracked it open, we poured, we prepared it toast ‘Cannonball Cavendish’. An odour filled our noses. It was odd. It was unpleasant. It wasn’t cardboard, it wasn’t barnyard. It was identified by the wine-curious teens as hot dog. Not the roadside snack but an actual dog that was hot. Not just any dog. It smelled like Patsy the Jack Russell after she’d been running around on a hot day.
I tried a taste. I’ve never eaten dog, so I can’t tell you how it compared, but it tasted nasty. Some fruit was there but so was a barrel-load of acid and a little creosote. I’ll keep the producer quiet to protect their blushes. You’ll have to settle for the photo of Cavendish winning a stage of the tour of Britain again. I’m not bored of it yet.

4 thoughts on “Marvellous Mark Cavendish

  1. Joe

    Hi Golly – I can guarantee you that I don’t have any English wines about to toast Mr. Cavendish, but maybe I can chug a pint of English ale. Have not been watching the tour, but have been training for the first time in years. Reading your wine country bike tours with great interest. Cheers!

  2. Attila The Mom

    Aiiighhhhh!! Once I read a positive review on a wine that said it had a “hint of cat pee”. Like THAT would make me run out and buy it—NOT! LOL

  3. ManxKitty

    Never mind English wine or beer, a pint or ten of Bushys ( is in order. Brewed here in Cav’s homeland of the Isle of Man! Im sure I even heard a rumour that they were doing special brew named after him 🙂

  4. GollyGumDrops

    Feel free to toast Cavendish with the beverage of your choice. If I see any Manx beer I’ll stock up. I have a feeling I’ll need it for the Olympics and beyond.

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