Freixenet Excelencia Brut Cava

By | June 23, 2008

So ‘perennial underachievers’ Spain have made it through to the semi-finals of the European Championships. It does seem like they’ve trademarked the phrase.
What better way to celebrate than with a bottle of Cava, a Freixenet Excelencia Brut Cava. It’s made from the classic Cava grape blend in what I’m not going to call the Champagne method, it’s the traditional method. It opened with a reassuring pop, and the bubbles were lively leaving a persistent mousse, which looks inviting.
It smells almost floral, alongside the more expected lemony-ness. The bubbles burst quite assertively, but no unpleasantly in the mouth, with plenty more lemon flavour and apple. The flavour is fresh and invigorating, and whilst it doesn’t have the biscuity richness of some of its older relatives, it doesn’t miss it.
Served cold on a summer evening it’s good value for under a tenner, offering something a little different in the sparkling space.

One thought on “Freixenet Excelencia Brut Cava

  1. Anonymous

    Just finished my first bottle of this.
    It is well made as it retained its bubbles for hours in the bottle, in the glass there were many streams of small bubbles.
    It was was crisp and dry but rather tasteless, lacked any yeastiness or particular flavour.
    I was hoping for more, I think I will go back to Tesco own label Cava at half the price.

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