Castell de Veza 2006 – Spanish Winner

By | June 3, 2008

Alberto Contador secured his win of the Giro this weekend, becoming the first non-Italian to do so for over ten years, and joining Miguel Indurain as the only other Spanish winner. Time for a Spanish wine.
We had Castell de Veza 2006, a Malvasia Moscatel blend from Valencia. It was lurking in the fridge as a random Spanish £5 wine for when a cold white wine was needed. It wasn’t what I expected.
It had a fresh yet almost floral aroma. Whilst it was dry the full on wallop of fruit made it taste almost sweet. It had spice too. Had I been given it in a blind tasting I’d have guessed (for that’s what really happens at blind tastings) that it might have been from Alsace.
This wine was a bargain at £5 from Laithwaites, I’d happily have paid £8. I’m sure Astana feel the same way about Contador, although I’d be happier if he was in the old ONCE shirt.