Twin Fin Chardonnay – An Australian Californian

By | May 29, 2008

When someone is heading out to the USA it’s only polite to have a Californian wine to wish them ‘Bon Voyage’. Twin Fin Chardonnay 2005 is cheerfully packaged in a summer holiday style, looking an awful lot like it’s Australian wine.
It’s a rich golden lemon colour with a creamy, toasty oakiness on the nose. It’s off dry with enough acid to stop it being overly flabby. The oak dominates, tasting of sweet vanilla and buttered toast, although there is enough fruit lurking underneath to stop it feeling like a thwack on the side of the head with an oak plank. Melon and lemon jumble together in a cheerful way.
The full flavour is backed by quite a full body and 14% alcohol which does pack a punch. This is an excellent summer barbeque wine which will stand up to burnt food, lots of ice or even a shot of soda without losing its vibrancy. At around a fiver a bottle its a reliable party choice.
The Australian influence comes from the wine makers who came to California to make friendly Australian style wines. If they sell a lot of it in the US it will impact on yellowtail which is a similar style but with a lot more travel miles under its cap.