Andre Colonge Fleurie 2006 – Come On You Reds

By | May 12, 2008

On Saturday I went to Wembley to see the mighty Ebbsfleet take on Torquay in the FA Trophy. I own Ebbsfleet, along with around 24,999 of my friends, so it was an exciting day for me.
We won – hurrah!!! It wasn’t easy, and for the first half hour it didn’t look to be at all possible, but it was wonderful.

Afterwards we went for dinner and had a particularly good Fleurie. It was a cheerful purple-red with strong legs. It smelled of mashed damsons and blackberries and even blueberries, which was strange but good. It tasted just as it smelled, aided by soft ripe tannins and a medium level of alcohol. It was smooth and decidedly more-ish.
It wasn’t cheap, but restaurant wine never is. Expect to pay around £10 from a wine merchant.

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