Dassen View Chenin Blanc

By | March 13, 2008
Chenin Blanc is another favourite further up the Loire, with Vouvray offering great wines. South Africa produces plenty of Chenin Blanc and some of it is really good.
We had a bottle of Dassen View Chenin Blanc 2007, from a winemaker who produced his first bottle at home at the age of twelve. Some kids are more useful than others.
This wine was probably a lot better than the first example in his parents fridge. It was pale and bright with an aroma of apples and pears. Dry, with a crisp acidity the fresh crunchy fruit flavour carried on to the palate with a softening touch of honey. Medium bodied with medium alcohol the focus is on the fruit.
This wine comes in at around £5-6 from Laithwaites, and whilst the Loire produces better Chenins it doesn’t supply many this good at this price to the UK. It’s a shame.

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