Irn Bru – Made In Scotland From Girders

By | February 8, 2008
Russian IrnBru (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I was up in Scotland this week and as I knew I had to drive home from the airport I had to choose Scotland’s other national drink from the bar.
Everybody has a few embarrassing food and drink secrets, and I admit I love Irn-Bru. It’s a vibrant orange colour, somewhere between mango flesh and George Hamilton IV. It’s fizzy and it tastes like nothing else on earth. The best I can offer is a blend of barley sugar and candy floss, with a little orange zest.
Oh, and the girders. Irn-Bru contains a teeny tiny percentage of ammonium ferric sulphate. Its other use in chemistry is water purification, so how bad can it be? Irn-Bru also contains quinine, although malaria isn’t a big problem in Scotland. There’s caffiene too, but the real kicker comes from E110, Sunset Yellow, making it a high risk drink that I try to limit to drinking only in Scotland.
If you’re feeling super-human, or just want to be, have a bottle.