Gallo Wine Handbag

By | February 25, 2008

Gallo have made a series of interesting wine innovations over the years, some have been positive, making wine far more accessible to beer drinking populations, others less so, bringing sweet, bright pink White Zinfandel to the people of the UK.

The latest move by Gallo Family Vineyards is just bizarre – the Wine Handbag. 1.5 litres of White Grenache in a candy pink handbag package you can carry around. Gallo call it “perfect for girlie gatherings, parties and family lunches”.

Whilst it does save drinkers the effort of wrapping a box of wine in wrapping paper before dispensing glasses from the gift on the table, it doesn’t seem like a packaging option perfectly designed to encourage responsible drinking. It doesn’t particularly encourage flavourful drinking either.

Sadly it seems the Gallo Wine Handbag is no longer available, but Amazon have a Vernissage Wine Handbag with a similar look, and if you want a more robust wine handbag you can refill time after time, then there’s the Baggy Winecoat.

3 thoughts on “Gallo Wine Handbag

  1. GollyGumDrops

    I’d love to, but sadly (on so many levels) I’ve tried Tesco stores across the country and they all seem to be sold out.

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