Côtes De Saint Mont – Cuvée Spéciale Boiseraie 2006

By | February 5, 2008

When people talk of fine wines, the talk often makes its way to France. France produces some fabulous wines and many command high prices, some even justify those prices. Yet in French households ordinary wine is being drunk and enjoyed by ordinary families with ordinary meals.
Côtes De Saint Mont – Cuvée Spéciale Boiseraie 2006 is just such a wine, picked up in a French supermarket for under £3, not in the bargain bucket or cheapo-wines section, but in the big aisle full of weekday wines.
Its pale and dry with a medium high acidity. It smells a little of lemons and some curious vegetables, nothing specific, just the sort of smell you get when you open the bottom draw of the fridge. It has a similar taste, nothing specific, nothing unpleasant, just nothing memorable.

2 thoughts on “Côtes De Saint Mont – Cuvée Spéciale Boiseraie 2006

  1. Joe

    Ok, so 3 pounds is NOT the bargain section? Yikes, we pay WAY too much for the juice here…

  2. Anonymous

    I guess that ‘here’ means the USA. I think the prices in the US vary a lot, depending in the place where you buy. I was in Santa Barbara a week ago, and the prices in the city were extraordinarily high, while only one town further away (supermarket in the outskirts of Goleta) I bought very pleasant, proper wines for only 5-7 dollars. You just have to know what you are looking for, of course.

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