What liquidity crisis?

By | September 17, 2007

If you’re looking at the news from the UK you could be forgiven for thinking we’re all too busy lining up outside the Northern Rock to worry about wine. I wondered what people were going to do with their savings.
I wouldn’t want a lot of cash sloshing about in the house, and if I wasn’t happy leaving my money with Northern Rock then I probably wouldn’t want to put it any bank. I’m not quite sure where one would get hold of gold bars on a Sunday morning so why not put money into wine.
We took a trip to Majestic to stock up. I suppose it would make sense to put some aside if I’m going to call it an investment strategy.

One thought on “What liquidity crisis?

  1. Joe

    Even better, if the banks AND the shops close down, you’re covered as well. We had a strike at the government liquor stores a few years ago – I never even noticed…

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