Claude Lafond Valençay Le Clos du Château

By | September 27, 2007

Sometimes a wine appeals because the label looks nice, sometimes because it comes from somewhere you’ve been and sometimes because the name is perfect. Sometimes there’s a happy nexus.
I had a Claude Lafond Valençay Le Clos du Château 2006 from Majestic this week. It was a lemon gold with fresh, clean aroma of white peaches. It was just off dry with a crisp acidity. It had a light spiciness as well as the stone fruit. 13% alcohol matched the medium body well. We had it with Chinese food, which was a perfect match.
A blind guess might have placed this as a New World Viognier, rather than a Loire Sauvignon Blanc-Chardonnay. At £6-7 a bottle it’s a lovely, surprising wine.