Argento Mendoza Chardonnay

By | September 8, 2007

The Rugby World Cup has kicked off with a surprise result in Paris – Argentina beat the hosts. So it’s an Argentinian wine choice. I tried the 2006 vintage of the ever reliable Argento Mendoza Chardonnay.

The wine is a balanced blend of buttery vanilla and tropical fruit. Think ice cream with pineapple, peach, apple and melon served with ice cream and a warm butterscotch sauce, conveniently packaged in a wine glass. Argento have taken on board customer feedback and their latest releases come with a screwcap.

A sensible 13% alcohol, medium acid and medium body make it an enjoyable, if unremarkable choice, perfectly good for the money and currently great value with Majestic offering it  as part of a multi-buy.