Black Tower

By | July 15, 2007

The second day in the mountains and a just plain scary one with three category one climbs, but just two descents. If I had the choice I’d prefer that ratio. I don’t understand why they don’t stop at each hairpin, looking terrified, squirting water on their rims to cool them down after constant braking and mustering their courage to descend another 500 yards.

Michael Rasmussen had no such fears and kicked some serious bottom. Unfortunately for me he’s Danish. Denmark is not known for it’s wines, though there are some Danish wines out there, you have to go to Denmark to get them. The closest I could find was Carlsberg.

Yesterday Linus Gerdemann took the stage in style, and being German, gave me a few more options. The Enemy were playing the Godiva Festival in Coventry, and people needed cheap picnic sized drink options. Black Tower now produce wines in handy snack sizes. You may recall Black Tower from decades such as the 1970’s. The bottle is a mini version of the iconic candle-friendly bottle of the past. The wine itself is medium sweet, with soft acidity and a vaguely floral, slightly grapey flavour. It’s perfect for serving as cold as possible out of plastic cups.

The Enemy were a hit, with their first album hitting number one today. Look out for Kaliedafoxx, the next great Coventry band, best accompanied by beer.