Back in the pink?

By | July 26, 2007

Vive Le Tour! The Tour is not covering itself in glory at the moment and last night’s prediction that Rasmussen wouldn’t make it to Paris came true rather quicker than I thought. My satellite box blew up in protest so I can’t watch any cycling until the weekend. Maybe it’s just as well.
Daniele Bennati won today in the delightfully camp blue and pink Lampre kit, so I decided to celebrate with delightfully pink wine, a Spanish one to celebrate the new yellow jersey.
It’s cheerfully pink, and smells of strawberries, raspberries, cherry blossom and vanilla, which would be perfect if it was summer here. It’s dry with a crisp acidity and just a touch of soft tannin. It’s light and fruity and 12% alcohol ,eans it’s perfect for a sunny lunchtime. It’s a good value pink wine, with far more character than your average ‘blush’.