By | May 4, 2007

It’s been warm, and here in England we’re not really used to that kind of thing, especially in May. The air is full of barbecue smoke and Ambre Solaire.

Nothing says barbecue more than wine from the Languedoc, so we had some Domaine Mercadier Chardonnay 2005 from Laithwaite’s. It smells of oak, with a rich, buttery creaminess covering some cheery fruit. It’s dry with medium high acidity and some soft wood tannins.

It tastes of lemons and limes and apples, as well as butter and cream and toffees. It has a fairly full body and lasts quite well, even against charred Quorn.

At 12.5% alcohol it’s fairly restrained, more so when served over ice – a trend that’s transferred from Magners Cider to happy shopper wine across England. Stormhoek are even producing a new wine designed for ice.

Philipe Mercadier’s offering is good value. It offers a reasonable amount of character and good fruit at an affordable, barbeque friendly price.

One thought on “Plonk-tastic

  1. Marcus

    Had that heatwave hit about 10 days later this would’ve been a post ripe for WBW 33: “Languedoc-Roussillon value wines”.

    I’m getting the round-up of entries together today. Might be of some use to you this summer…

    Got any other Languedoc values your sleeve?

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