Oddbins update

By | May 19, 2007

Oddbins responded to my recent post on my disappointment with them. It’s good to know that retailers are paying attention to what customers think, although it is a little odd as I didn’t mention TCA at all. In fairness to Oddbins, here’s their response below:

Dear Sirs

I am writing further to your recent blog dated the 15th May and the poor experience you had with a number of wines.
I was most surprise to read that you have come across so many wines that were not up to the standard you were expected. Here at Oddbins we are very proud of the wines we sell along with the standard of service we offer. Having said that we can not prevent a wine being corked and cork taint is an issue industry wide. Statically 1 out of 12 bottles will be corked or not to the standard you’d expect. A way that this is being dealt with is the use of screw cap which is a way of ensuring the wine is in perfect condition from vineyard/bottling plant to when it is opened and ready to be consumed.
If you were to come across another wine like this then we are more then happy (along with your proof of purchase) to exchange the bottle or offer a refund. For further information on where your local branch is please visit WWW.Oddbins.com or by calling on 0800 917 4093.
Thank you for your comments and I hope we can look forward to serving you again very soon.