Mother’s Day – all heart

By | May 12, 2007
It’s Mother’s Day in the USA. I’m not sure why. Mother’s day here is in the middle of Lent. I suspect Hallmark may have campaigned to put a card buying opportunity in between Easter and Thanksgiving, rather than in the Valentine’s/St Pat’s/Easter bonanza.
As a Mother’s Day promotion the good people at Clos du Bois are raising money for Women & Heart Disease. For every e-card you send they’ll give $1 to the cause. So far they’ve pledged $5,581, but your card can boost the total.
A surprising number of mums/moms are affected by heart disease, although the focus for heart health is usually on dads. So when you’re raising a heart-healthy glass of red wine to your mum, why not send an e-card and help keep more mothers heart healthy.
(Yes, I did re-size the logo to make it more mum-like)