Mumm Cordon Rouge

By | May 8, 2007

It’s a big day today for Non-Iron It’s the first day of the new power sharing assembly in Northern Ireland, or ‘non-iron’ as it tends to be pronounced by natives. It’s early to be overwhelmed with optimism, but it’s a big step, and one I didn’t think I’d see. Strange though, I wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for ‘the troubles’.

So tonight we had some fadge and champagne to celebrate (I couldn’t cope with a full Ulster fry).

The champagne was Mumm Cordon Rouge. Bright and enthusiastically bubbly it had a cheery mousse. It smelled of citrus and vanilla with a touch of peach blossom. Off dry with a zippy acidity, the bubbles felt soft in the mouth. The citrus became more grapefruity in the mouth, and the peach came through stronger with more apricot. It lasted well for a long finish.

The fadge was great, but it’s unlikely to become a classic combination.