Biddenden Ortega

By | April 15, 2007

Another trip to Kent, another bottle of English wine to try. This time a Biddenden Ortega 2004 . I’ve strolled around the vineyards at Biddenden, they’re really quite sweet compared to the huge operations elsewhere in Europe. The family outfit pays the rent with Cider, apple juice and a coffee shop selling lots of local jams and cakes, as well as the vineyard.

It’s a pale lemon colour with reasonable legs. It smells floral, of elderflower blossoms and honeysuckle. It’s medium in sweetness with a medium acidity and medium body. With 12% alcohol it’s pretty medium really. It tastes like blossoms and grapes. Wine doesn’t often taste like grapes and it’s a refreshing surprise. The floral, grapey taste lasts well.

Biddenden Ortega reminded me of the German wines we drank at college, but it has more character. It’s easy to drink, refreshing and isn’t too strong. It’s perfect chilled for a summer picnic or with a pasta salad.

The current vintage is around £7 a bottle, which is a good price for an English wine.