Gallo Sierra Valley Chardonnay

By | April 22, 2007

I was heading out to a gig last night and stopped off at the pub to meet everyone. We opted for a bottle of Gallo  Sierra Valley Chardonnay 2005.
It was a clear and bright cheery yellow-gold colour with reasonable legs. It smelled of oak and a little citrus. It was off dry, with balanced acidity and just a little wood tannin.

Medium in body and flavour, it felt just a little to heavy in alcohol. It tasted creamy with vanilla, lemon and apple, and alcohol.

As a pub wine this was fine, and at £10 not bad at all. I’d expect to pay £5-6 in a supermarket for it, but if I was in a supermarket, or wine merchant, I suspect I’d pick up something with a bit more character. The band had character.