One thought on “Will I Ever Learn?

  1. ruarri

    I think you need to distinguish between wine from airports and wine on airlines. Wine from airports, is often at the wine in restaurants in airports – and restaurants in airports are usually run of the mill chains, stocking yellow tail and the like.

    Wine in aeroplanes however, is often okay. Its a huge privelege for a winery to be selected as the winery for an airline. For instance – South African airways has Graham Beck wine, which is always great.

    And Air France has some great Cote du Rhone… and last time I was on Lufthansa they had a Trimbach Gewurtztreminer…

    Of course if you’re flying Delta or Jet Blue you’re in for plonk!

    If its an 4 hour flight… go for the whisky though… you’re guaranteed a nap that way.

    For trans-national flights, red wine is the way forward… Especially if its a trans-national flight on Air-France to Paris en route to Burgundy…

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