By | March 26, 2007

A couple of quizzes for you today, on two of my favourite subjects – wine and cycling.

With the new cycling proficiency training programme coming in to the UK, the BBC have a cycling quiz here. I bombed – really badly. My parents had convinced me as a child that it was illegal to cycle on the road without passing the test. I think I’m a better cyclist than I was when I was 8, just like I’m a much better driver than I was at 18, bt I wouldn’t want to take either test again for real.

The Independent are plugging their wine supplements that come free with the paper all next week. You can find the wine quiz here. I did far better on the wine quiz.

To complete my hobby-quiz-fest there’s a board game quiz here. I could identify only one map of Sweden. Sorry Sweden, I’m just not geeky enough.

2 thoughts on “Quiztastic

  1. Dennis

    fun… a couple of oddball questions… Waterford Winery in South Africa… I was thinking of Waterford Cellars in Virginia and missed it.

    I picked Cornwall for Camel Winery purely by guess… we never really see Brit wines in the US. Are they any good?

  2. GollyGumDrops

    The quiz did have some odd questions! English wines are a lot better than they were. Still wines vary, but the sparkling wines can be amazing. With hotter, drier summers Southern England now has a better sparkling climate than Champagne. Unfortunately you’ll pay Champagne prices for the good stuff, and Nyetimber which is heavenly sells out pretty quick.

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