Sutter Home White Zinfandel

By | March 15, 2007

Wine is good. I hold this truth to be self evident, but now and again, my belief system is shaken. I had a Sutter Home White Zinfandel.

It’s pink, very pink, a sort of small girl’s favourite bubble bath pink. It doesn’t smell of a great deal, a little like strawberry flavouring, the sort you might add to cheap children’s sweets. So far so good – if you’re 12.

It’s medium sweet, with quite a high acidity and little tannin. It’s light in body and flavour. it tastes a little like the punnet over-ripe strawberries came in, not the strawberries themselves though. It has quite a synthetic feel and taste.

If McDonalds offered wine with their Happy Meals, I suspect this would be the one they’d choose to go with the Barbie toy. Sutter Home ship 4,000,000 cases of this a year. That’s 48,000,000 bottles. One theoretically for every MySpace user worldwide. One for every American who used a treadmill last year. One for every man woman and child in the Ukraine. One for every £1 in John Charman‘s divorce. One for every blog in the world. I admit, I had one bottle. Once. It’s probably not an experience I’d repeat voluntarily.

It is cheap, but there’s cheaper booze out there, particularly at 9.5% alcohol. It seems bizarre that this wine would be worth transporting half way around the world to the UK, but that’s what happened. I think I’ll object to it on environmental grounds.