Cuvée de Richard Blanc, Vin de Pays du Comté Tolosan

By | January 6, 2007

We were having dinner with Richard, so thought Cuvée de Richard Blanc 2004, Vin de Pays du Comté Tolosan would be fun. Richard is a Bordeaux kinda guy so a £3.15 bottle of Southern French plonk was perhaps not the ideal choice but, hey, it was called Richard.

The plastic cork was a pain to pull. The wine itself was pale but bright. It smelled peachy with a little pear drop. It was dry with a crisp acidity. It tasted quite fruity, although we’d chilled it to the max. 11.5% alcohol kept it light.

It was a good, easy to drink white to serve cold on a weekday. As it warmed up it became clear that it wasn’t fine wine, but at £3.15 from Majestic, Richard was happy with his namesake.