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By | November 10, 2006

A team of Australian doctors have worked out that Google can do their job pretty well. With unusual symptoms in curious groups Google can point to a diagnosis reasonably reliably. Just plug in a list of symptoms and Google will likely return a website or academic paper describing a disease with those symptoms. It’s right in over 50% of cases, which is better than many doctors expect to be on a first diagnosis.

Helpfully organisation such as the Royal College of General Practitioners have advised against relying solely on Google to diagnose and treat your illnesses, and in these litigious days I guess I ought to advise against it too.

However, it set me thinking, could Google do a similar job for people who want to choose a wine based on a few flavours? I gave it a go. “Wine, honey, tropical fruit” returned a few Viogniers and Chardonnays. “Wine, fresh, crisp, dry” turned up a sea of Sauvignon Blanc.

Less successfully “Wine, chocolate, cigar box” led me to a set of tasting notes that described pretty much every red wine that way. “Wine, red, chewy, smooth” took me on a world tour, which was quite enjoyable and made me rather thirsty.

It’s not an exact science, but quite fun. It inspired me to look at what search terms bring people to this site. Apart from the brand names, there’s a slightly less noble selection, including “Plenty of fish chat” and “Lycra bottoms”.

If you are the person who found their way onto the cycling blogs with the term “watery itchy spots on bum”, I’d suggest you should really see a doctor.

3 thoughts on “Wine Diagnosis

  1. Edward

    Great post Golly.

    I read the google and medical diagnosis thing a few days ago too, are we coming to the age of artifical intelligence?

  2. EVWG

    Now that is an interesting idea. When my parents are asking me what wine they should have with thier dinner for the umpteenth million time I can (soon) direct them to google tasting notes.


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