Hildalgo La Gitana Manzanilla

By | November 9, 2006

Sherry is often considered a drink only suited to aunts at Christmas. As an aunt, I’m always happy to be served Sherry, and would hate to have it restricted to Christmas only. There’s often a bottle of Hildalgo La Gitana Manzanilla in my fridge.

It goes wonderfully well with olives, salted nuts, and anchovy related snacks. It’s made for tapas, so pretty much goes with any tapas dish.

I tend to have a glass whilst fixing dinner at the weekend. It greatly enhances the cooking process.

If you’ve never tried Manzanilla or Fino, but enjoy very dry white wines, you’ll probably love La Gitana. If you love Harvey’s Bristol Cream or Croft Original then there’s really no hope for you, and no point in buying Manzanilla.

This wine is a bargain. Be sure to buy from somewhere with a quick turnover. La Gitana helpfully has a ‘bottled on’ date on the rear label, opt for the freshest you can find and reject anything older than 6 months.

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