Oxford Landing Sauvignon Blanc

By | October 5, 2006

It’s never great when you’re shopping for wine at Spar. I was unexpectedly called to a friend in need of an emergency girlie chat so popped into Spar for ice cream and wine. The criteria were something New World, recognisable and not Chardonnay. I panicked a bit, dallied by the Lambrini, became strongly tempted by a bottle of ‘Old Tart’, but pulled myself together enough to walk out with a bottle of Oxford Landing Sauvignon Blanc from South Australia.

It’s bottled by Yalumba, the screwtop champions, so had a screwtop – perfect for a wine emergency. It also has a neat little postage sized rip off portion of the label so that if you like the wine you can keep it as a reminder.

It was clear and bright, pale lemon green, with some legs but rather light for an Australian. It was clean and fresh, with quite a zippy citrus, slightly gooseberry nose. Dry and crisp, with a medium body, the flavours were primarily citrus – lemons and grapefruit. It had quite a short finish. At 11% it’s light enough to share a bottle without falling over on the walk home.

It was OK, and served it’s purpose, but for £6.99, there’s far nicer wine out there. Our chat concluded that there’s far nicer blokes out there too, there are plenty more fish in the sea.
Sorry, I don’t have reviews for better boyfriends, which is a shame, because it seems people are coming to this page looking for a dating site called “plenty of fish” – it’s here.  Good luck!