Wine Spa

By | September 27, 2006

Hurrah! Life in Warwickshire is about to get just a little bit more comfortable.

Leamington, as it’s known locally, or Royal Leamington Spa as it likes to be known in tourist brochures, has been a place visited by people for their health and welfare since Edwardian times. It’s fallen on harder times and whilst the fading glory is still evident in Jephson Gardens and the Pump Rooms, it’s lost its shine.

That’s about to change, OK, only a little bit, not so much that most people will even notice. Leamington is getting a new Majestic! It’s Royal once more!!!

It leaves me with a little bit of a dilemma – should I stay loyal to the fabulous staff at their Leicester store, or support the new team at Leamington? I can get to either one with equal ease. Maybe I’ll just have to buy more wine to keep them all happy.