By | August 24, 2006

The town of Sancerre is perched high above the Loire, a fact you get to fully understand when you’ve cycled up the hairpin bends to it in the driving rain.

My beer-drinking cycling buddy found it a little odd that I felt the need to stop and take pictures of the vines, soils and fruit, but I’m sure you’ll appreciate them.

I did find it amusing that Sancerre is twinned with Eccleshall in Staffordshire. An unlikely choice, and unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of Eccleshall, but if you know why the two towns are twinned, do let me know.


3 thoughts on “Sancerre

  1. Dezel

    Appreciated! Very nice photo, looks like you are riding along some very nice country side and drinking some wonderful wines.

    Happy Sipping!


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