Reuilly “Les Bouchauds”

By | August 28, 2006

Just to the west of the Loire is Reuilly and whilst we didn’t make the detour, and kept pedalling towards Nevers, we did enjoy a glass or two of Sauvignon Blanc from the region on the way.

I had a Reuilly “Les Bouchauds” 2005, Gérard Bigonneau from Majestic this weekend which put me back in the Loire mood. Annoyingly it has one of those foam filled phony corks which has none of the charm of a natural cork and none of the functionality of a screw-top. Oh, and they get stuck on the corkscrew too.

It’s a pale bright lemon colour and a clean fresh aroma. It’s fruity with stacks of grapefruit. It’s dry with a mineral acidity which is really more-ish, although it’s surprisingly full. At around £8 it’s not the cheapest Sauvignon Blanc on the shelf but it compares well with others from the Loire region that come in at around £20.

It went really well with mackerel pate , and would be fine on its own. At 12.5% alcohol it’s a wine you can comfortably have a second glass of without falling over (depending of course on the size of your glasses).

2 thoughts on “Reuilly “Les Bouchauds”

  1. Winesmith

    Thanks for the photos and info from your bike trip. Just wondering, though, about the logistics of buying wine when you’re on a bike.

    Did you pick up a few bottles and find room on your bike for them? Or did you have the wineries ship them back to the UK? Or did you slurp them right away

  2. GollyGumDrops

    Bikes and wines don’t really mix, there’s no room on the bike so it’s ‘drink and go’, they’d never survive baggage handling anyway.

    It’s really easy to get any French wine in the UK, so it’s not a real problem. If you need a lot then you can take the Volvo on the Euro Tunnel or a ferry over to Calais and go wild – perfect for weddings!

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