Radcliffe’s Regional Classic Fitou

By | July 25, 2006

I had dinner last night with some friends who are off to the South of France for their holidays and had bought some French wine to get them in the mood.

We had a bottle of Radcliffe’s Regional Classic Fitou 2004 made from a blend of Carignan and Grenache. It was a deep purplish ruby with reasonable legs and a surprisingly light aroma of fresh raspberries, black cherries, and blackberries.

It was dry with a good hit of tannin and plenty of fruit on the palate. It’s certainly not a refined wine, more of a gutsy village endeavour, but went wonderfully with the cheese bread and fruit we were enjoying, putting everyone in the European holiday mood.

They’d spotted a deal at the local Threshers (now OddBins) wine merchants, which as well as their standard 3-4-2 on all wines, had a buy 6 save 40% deal on this month, bringing this wine well under £5, so an excellent buy.

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3 thoughts on “Radcliffe’s Regional Classic Fitou

  1. g58

    Yum… Love those Fitou wines.

    Vin de pays du Torgon is also a good label to retain as it’s generally the same terroir and style of wine but with interesting, often Merlot-loaded, blends.

  2. Barbara

    I like a glass of Fitou occaisionally. I haven’t seen any in NZ for a few years though.

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