Pinocchio gets lead role in wine row

By | July 19, 2006
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There’s a major row brewing in Europe about how to tackle the EU ‘Wine Lake’. Europe is producing more wine than it can sell. Right now it’s being turned into in industrial alcohol while the New World ships wine into the Old World.

France thinks that Spain, Italy and Eastern countries should rip out their vines. Spain, Italy and the Eastern countries think the pain should be shared. The UK, Netherlands and Nordic countries who are the major importers don’t really care who grubs up what, but they do feel that farmers should not be subsidised to produce bad wine. Are you still with me?

EU wine officials have responded with proposals to allow New World style wine making techniques which have previously been outlawed.

Now Pinocchio is stepping into the row. Italian wine makers have joined together to fight proposals to allow oak chips to be added to wine to mimic barrel ageing, condemning such products as “Pinocchio Wines”. Oddly I suspect that if they started selling Pinocchio Brand Sangiovese and Pinot Grigio it would fly off the shelves!

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  1. Travel Italy

    This is a developing story. In Italy it is not just the winemakers banding together but consumer advocacy groups and the media. It should be interesting to see if quality wins over quantity.

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