The Aging French – Blanc Foussy

By | July 5, 2006
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The Bellini’s were so good last night I’ve opted for another sparkler for Portugal vs France. I’m rooting for France, but only just, so I haven’t gone mad with tonight’s wine. I have no idea what it will be like – a Blanc Foussy which I won on the bottle stall at the church garden fete! It’s non-vintage and there’s every chance that this wasn’t its first role as a prize. There’s a range of bottles that I’ve donated over the years that make periodic re-appearances.

The wine opened with a reassuring pop-sigh, and it’s a pale straw colour, bright and attractive. There’s plenty of fine bubbles, which do resemble Champagne. It smells fresh with some biscuity yeast and just the tiniest hint of feet.

It’s dry, but with less acidity than I’d expected. It’s medium bodied with some fruit, but lots more bakery taste, more bagel than brioche. The mouth feel of the bubbles is pleasant but not enough to drown out the foot flavour which is really coming through. I plan to cycle the Loire this summer and I suspect my shoes will remind me of this tasting experience.

It’s 12%, as it stands, but I can’t actually drink it as it is. I do have some Cassis though, which at 15% will push it up just a smidge. OK, more than a smidge, it needs quite a bit.

Interestingly Blanc Foussy’s own website contains a ‘recipes’ section. Their primary recommendation is orange juice, but there’s options for gin, blue Bols, Kirsch, Rum, banana liqueur and all manner of fruit juices. I suspect it’s not a beverage designed to be drunk without masking.

Maybe I’ll have a Port instead.

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