Kiwi Cuvee French Sauvignon Blanc

By | June 23, 2006

So France are through, unfortunately not with a performance befitting Champagne, or even Sauternes, so here goes with Kiwi Cuvee, yes Kiwi. It’s a French Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire but they’d really rather you thought it was from New Zealand. The wine maker is.

It’s a pale greenish lemon, and has good fresh fruit on the nose, lemon, a hint of gooseberry and some blossom, which betrays it’s non-NZ roots.

It’s dry and crisply acidic with a light body. There’s a good hit of fruit, with the gooseberry coming through and a touch of grassiness, although it feels a bit two dimensional. At 12% it is easy drinking wine.

I found Kiwi Cuvee a bit disappointing. It lacked the zinginess of Touraine, and the fruitiness of a NZ Sauvignon. It’s reasonable value at £4-5 a bottle, but go mad and spend the extra couple of quid to get a real Kiwi Sauvignon.

One thought on “Kiwi Cuvee French Sauvignon Blanc

  1. Anonymous

    This is silly.
    The label states very clearly that the wine is from France and from the Loire region.
    In any case at 12% alcohol it’s obviously not a NZ wine since they NZ sauvignon blanc have a much higher percentage of alcohol (13.5% minimum!)
    Can’t wait to try Kiwi Cuvee here in New Zealand. Too bad for the Australians 😀

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