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Waitrose Soave Classico 2012

I’m partial to Italian wine, and whilst I’ll usually plump for an Italian red, there are some good whites.  There’s some bad ones too, but let’s not worry too much about those.  There’s plenty of Pinot Grigio sloshing about at all sorts of quality levels, but the regionally specific wines tend to be a little… Read More »

The Luck Of The Italians

There’s a few things clogging up the headlines around the world today so you may miss the top story this week. The good people of Marino, a town south of Rome, Italy turned on their kitchen taps and found that in place of the more traditional water flowing through them, they had wine. Being sensible… Read More »

Castello Montedoro 2005 Antica Vigna

I like Italian wine. I like the way it’s often a surprise, I like the way it tastes like someone actually made it rather than it coming from a factory, I like the way that sometimes it’s a bit odd. I like how it makes me think about sitting in local bars in Italy drinking… Read More »