Quercus Cabernet/Merlot 2014

I don’t drink a lot of German wine, as much of it is terrible, and the ones that aren’t are really expensive.  The closest I normally get is wines from Alsace and Austria, which are close enough to be invaded every now and then.  So presented with a German themed wine list for a casual… Read More »

Catena Malbec 2013

So autumn is definitely here.  Last night by the time we’d finished dinner and cleared away it was dark already, and the rain looks set be spending the whole weekend with us.  This calls for a switch to more autumnal drinking, so a Malbec that’s been sitting in the rack since spring was called into… Read More »

Esprit de Puisseguin St Emilion 2014

I picked up this bottle from Waitrose, in a bit of a mixed bag of whatever took my fancy as I strolled around the aisles.    When I got home I found alongside the mushrooms, squash, sweet potatoes and pomegranates there were plenty of plummy, blackberry flavoured wines in a decidedly autumnal selection of food… Read More »

Brecon Botanicals Gin

I like gin and I like Wales, so Brecon Botanicals seemed like a great choice when I saw it on the shelf.  This may seem like a weird thing to say, but Welsh water is lovely.  Here in the English midlands we do get water from Wales through the taps, but it’s traveled far and… Read More »

Lay Of The Land Destination Sauvignon Blanc 2014

The weather has’t really been conducive to a nice cooling Sauvignon Blanc, but I try not to let such details bother me.  I do like cold white wines when it’s cold outside but warm and toasty inside.  There’s something comforting about being snuggled up under a blanket in front of a fire and having condensation… Read More »

Pasqua Passimento 2013

Winter is coming.  In the meantime autumn is taking it’s time and I’m happy with that.  It like leaves falling, misty mornings, butternut squash, plums and apple crumble.  I like the idea of fireworks and bonfires, if not the reality.  I like wearing autumn colours and snuggling up under a blankie with a good book. … Read More »

Franck Massard Mas Sardana Cava

This Cava arrived in a selection box. It was in the fridge awaiting its opportunity to sparkle (did you see what I did there?). I had an uncle who loved all forms of sparkling wine, so much so that if someone gave him a bottle of white or pink wine that wasn’t sparkling he’d run… Read More »

Marko & Marino Malvazija Istarska 2013

Leicester City are currently in on a fine run of form.  Despite being one of the relative new kids in the English Premier League and having spend a tiny amount of money on their squad, they just keep winning and scoring goals.  This is great fun for Leicester fans but less so for other clubs… Read More »