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Sainsbury’s Pale Dry Fino

I enjoy a glass of sherry as you may have worked out by now. Tio Pepe is my standard pre-dinner sherry, but now and again I try something different either because it looks interesting or it’s on sale. This one fell into the latter category. It didn’t taste sub-standard though, it was dry and briny,… Read More »

Pando Fino

Pando Fino sherry was on sale before Christmas so we stocked up a little.  I don’t know of a Fino which isn’t a bargain.  It’s such an under-rated drink that every bottle is a steal, and this was certainly a credit crunch buy. The story goes that it’s called Pando because it was originally shipped… Read More »

Hidalgo Fino Clasica

I like sherry.  Who doesn’t?   OK, lots of people say they don’t, but if you give them a cold glass of Fino and call it dry white wine, they generally love it and ask where they can get it. They do not believe that it’s sherry because that’s a granny drink. Hidalgo Fino Clasica… Read More »

Sainsbury’s Fino Sherry

Making dinner at the weekend requires a glass of sherry, otherwise it’s just another chore. There’s usually a Manzanilla in the fridge, or a trusty Tio Pepe, but last weekend, the fridge was bare. OK, so there was food in there, but no sherry, not a drop. I took a stroll around to the shops,… Read More »

Tio Pepe – wine or sherry

If you’re reading this thinking ‘eeuwwghh – sherry’, odds are you haven’t tried Tio Pepe. Unfortunately sherry has a horrible reputation as a drink for funerals and visits to elderly relatives. If your view of sherry is sweet brown cough mixture served in comedy schooners then you’ve probably been drinking ‘British fortified wine’, a product… Read More »