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Sainsbury’s Fino Sherry

Making dinner at the weekend requires a glass of sherry, otherwise it’s just another chore. There’s usually a Manzanilla in the fridge, or a trusty Tio Pepe, but last weekend, the fridge was bare. OK, so there was food in there, but no sherry, not a drop. I took a stroll around to the shops,… Read More »

Hildalgo La Gitana Manzanilla

Sherry is often considered a drink only suited to aunts at Christmas. As an aunt, I’m always happy to be served Sherry, and would hate to have it restricted to Christmas only. There’s often a bottle of Hildalgo La Gitana Manzanilla in my fridge. It goes wonderfully well with olives, salted nuts, and anchovy related… Read More »

Lustau Almacenista Olorosa de Jerez

  Germany Poland is the big game today, but as Spain put on a top class performance, I thought I’d crack open a bottle of one of their top class wines. OK, with that opening sentence you’re probably not expecting a sherry, but bear with me. Lustau’s Almacenista Olorosa de Jerez is worth trying. It’s clear… Read More »