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Blackfoot Daisy Merlot 2010

This wine has a cheery label.  I love daisies, they’re so cheerful.  This wine isn’t made from daisies, fairly obviously, although dandelion wine is a thing so maybe you can make daisy wine.  It might be poisonous though, so don’t try that at home folks.  Also you’d have to kill thousands of daisies to make… Read More »

Albacore Shiraz 2009

Naming a wine after a tuna fish is a little strange.  I like tuna as much as the next person, probably quite a bit more than the next person, but still I don’t think I’d name my wine after it.  Now I come to think of it, I haven’t given anywhere near enough thought to… Read More »

Bel Olivier Sauvignon Blanc 2012

This wine was in the fridge, awaiting a risotto night.  I do love risotto night, mostly because I get to eat risotto, but partly for the wine too.  The rule on risotto night is we have risotto, obviously, and that requires a glass of white wine to go into dinner, meaning we have the rest… Read More »