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Stockman’s Pink Post

We spent the weekend sitting outside, barbecuing, splashing around in the pool and slowly turning pink. Factor 50 Sunscreen  did a great job in protecting me from the sun, but not the biting insects. On a hot day pink wines are perfect and we had some Nxg Stockman’s Post 2005 Shiraz Rose from Tesco. Next… Read More »

Dr L Riesling 2005

So Germany take on Portugal in a World Cup game neither wanted to play. I’ve opted for an affordable, everyday German wine. I ‘d thought about having one wine from each team, but decided against it as I’ve just had the sofa cleaned and was concerned that if I held the glass of German wine… Read More »

Tesco Vina Clara Frascati 2005

Germany play Argentina tomorrow afternoon, but I’m too excited to think about it, so it’s an Italian wine for me. I cycled to Rome last year and my first meal was pizza and Frascati. Frascati is one of those difficult wines that tastes great in Lazio and absolutely fabulous if you can see St Peters… Read More »