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Quetzal Chardonnay Chenin Blanc Mexican Wine

I’d never had a Mexican wine before, which is not that surprising, as I’ve never been to Mexico either.  I’ve eaten a lot of TexMex food which I’ve enjoyed a lot, but I suspect the closest I’ve ever come to eating Mexican food is in Detroit, just north of Canada!  Detroit’s West Side has a… Read More »

Heretat el Padruell Cava NV

The love of fizz over Christmas doesn’t seem to be going away and whilst the supermarkets slug it out over who can get people to drive across town to get the cheapest Champagne, there’s other sparkling wines available, and unless it absolutely positively has to be Champagne then there’s better value to be had elsewhere.… Read More »

Sol Lucet Koshu 2013

Marks and Spencer is stocking some interesting wines these days.  They’re shopping in a wider world than the average supermarket.  I’ve had some wines from Croatia and Georgia, exploring the edges of European wine making, but this year I’ve picked up one from India and one from Japan. My previous experience with Asian wine hasn’t… Read More »

Tbilvino Qvevris 2011 Marks & Spencer

I’ve always thought of Marks & Spencer‘s wines as being rather dull and unimaginative choices, so whilst I was in picking up some lunch I was intrigued by a collection of oddities sitting on a river end gathering dust. This Tbilvino Qvevris may be impossible for me to say, but it looked interesting.  Georgia is… Read More »