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Famille Perrin Cotes du Ventoux Rouge 2012

When I hear “Ventoux” my first thought is always the Tour de France stage, rather than the appellation.  Unlike most wines, I get to see the slopes where this wine is grown on TV every year, and it goes past much slower than most Tour de France countryside.  The Mont Ventoux stage is brutal, and… Read More »

Viale Mandorlato Zenit Etyeki Budai 2011

This  bottle came in a mixed case from Laithwaites.  It comes from just West of Budapest, so whilst I have cycled through plenty of Hungarian vineyards, on my way down the Danube I’m afraid this wasn’t one of them. It’s pale, clear and bright, and it smells slightly floral, but you really have to get… Read More »

Patriot Merlot 2012

This wine has a silly label.  Not normally a good sign, it looks like it’s designed to appeal to people who don’t much care for wine but want something to serve at a 4th of July barbecue.  That said, they could be on to something, as that wouldn’t be a bad place for this wine… Read More »

Paris Street Pinot Grigio 2012

This bottle caused some confusion at home.  Was it ours?  Did someone buy it?  Was it something that someone brought for a party but didn’t drink?  Was it a bottle bought by the kids and accidentally mixed in with the general supply?  Nobody admitted buying it or knowing where it came from, but t was… Read More »