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Asda Extra Special Falanghina 2012

I can’t drink Falanghina without declaring that I am Regina Phalange, Phoebe Buffay’s alter-ego from Friends.  Once that’s over with I can get on with drinking the wine. Asda Extra Special Falanghina is a pale lemon colour, and it smells rather nice.  There’s just a little bit of orange and peach blossom on a background of… Read More »

Faustino VII Rioja Blanco 2012

I had a bottle of Faustino VII white Rioja from ASDA.  I’m a convert to white Rioja, I still recall the first time I tried it over a decade ago, I couldn’t quite work out what was going on with my taste buds, but they were clearly having a great time with nutty, bitter almond,… Read More »

Champagne Pierre Darcys NV

Champagne isn’t my favourite wine, but I do like it. There are some occasions which really suit fizz. Christmas morning and New Year’s Eve, weddings, new jobs, that kind of thing. Very often a Cava, Prosecco or even Asti will do the trick really well, but Champagne does shout ‘celebration’ more than any other wine.… Read More »

Asda Manzanilla

Here’s the thing, I like sherry. Particularly Fino, and especially Manzanilla. The idea of coming home for dinner and finding we’ve run out is distressing to me, it’s the kind of thing I have nightmares about. The OH is aware of this and feels similarly, so when he found himself in Asda on a day… Read More »