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Moët & Chandon Brut Impérial NV Champagne

Everyone has heard of Moet & Chandon, it’s like the Hoover (or maybe Dyson) of Champagnes, it’s a Champagne brand that has secretly spent years working its way into your brain, firing the celebration and luxury synapses as it goes.  You’ll have seen it carefully product-placed in films, sponsoring events, and being sprayed by glamorous,… Read More »

Mountain View Monterey County Pinot Noir 2009

This Mountain View Monterey County Pinot Noir was a lovely colour, bright, light red.  It could be mistaken for one of Spain’s more assertive pink wines.  It smelled fresh and fruity, and that carried through to the taste, there were fresh squashed cherries and maybe some damsons.  These tasted best when it was cool. As the… Read More »