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Francis Ford Coppola Diamond Collection “Claret” 2014

I spotted this in a Publix supermarket and having never tried a Coppola wine, I had to have it.  These wines aren’t easily available in the UK so I picked it up to bring home (although I’ve since found you can buy it from Amazon UK).  Publix supermarkets are lovely, they have a Co-op ownership model… Read More »

Pasqua Passimento 2013

Winter is coming.  In the meantime autumn is taking it’s time and I’m happy with that.  It like leaves falling, misty mornings, butternut squash, plums and apple crumble.  I like the idea of fireworks and bonfires, if not the reality.  I like wearing autumn colours and snuggling up under a blankie with a good book. … Read More »

Château Haut-Chaigneau 2011 Lalande de Pomerol

This Bordeaux was picked up in a mini-spending frenzy at Lidl, the discount supermarket, which along with it’s German pal Aldi, is taking on the big UK supermarkets and gradually growing market share.  Their approach is straightforward, we’ll sell you groceries cheaper than your big supermarkets, but you’ll have less brands to choose from, less… Read More »

Blackfoot Daisy Merlot 2010

This wine has a cheery label.  I love daisies, they’re so cheerful.  This wine isn’t made from daisies, fairly obviously, although dandelion wine is a thing so maybe you can make daisy wine.  It might be poisonous though, so don’t try that at home folks.  Also you’d have to kill thousands of daisies to make… Read More »