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Ser Niccoli

Browsing through the wine list of my local Italian restaurant we decided to opt for the only wine on it I’d neither tried before or ever heard of. It was Ser Niccoli 1998. From Tuscany. Er, that was it in terms of description – who wouldn’t choose it? Named for Niccoli Machiavelli with a neat… Read More »

Prosecco Frizzante Il Cortigiano

The weather is wonderful, and it’s the weekend. That doesn’t happen much in England so we tend to take the opportunity to get outside. Italy does afternoon drinking better than anyone else, whereas the Spanish have snacking cracked. We combined the two sitting outside with a selection of tapas and a Prosecco Frizzante Il Cortigiano… Read More »

Campari Soda in the Tardis

I was in a small neighbourhood Italian restaurant at the weekend, so small in fact that the Glaswegian Maître d’ instructed the Croatian waiter to move us to a table for four as we were ‘too tall’ for a standard table for two. It’s unlikely to win a Michelin star, but it’s friendly, reliable and… Read More »

Melini Chianti

Italy take on the USA tomorrow and so I’ll settle down with a nice glass of Chianti. I cycled through Tuscany last year, where I really developed a taste for the stuff. Melini have been making Chianti for 300 years, and they do it pretty well. They also do it at supermarket friendly pricing. You… Read More »