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Sir Robin of Loxley Gin

I have family in Yorkshire, they like to give me Yorkshire based gifts.  Whilst I love Henderson’s Relish and Yorkshire Rhubarb, Yorkshire wine wasn’t a real hit.  Maybe this year’s vintage will have enjoyed some sun and will be a delight, I’m sure I’ll find out soon.  I was pleased to see that this bottle… Read More »

Let The Games Commence

So it’s finally the Olympics, here, in my home country, that’s exciting.  There’s even Olympic events in my old hometown, and I’m going.  Three times! That’s so exciting I’m not sure I trust my bladder with the news. If you’re visiting London or any of the other venues for London 2012 welcome, have an excellent… Read More »

Kemp’s Rose

The World Track Cycling Championships are on, and they’re exciting. It hasn’t been the British medal-fest of recent years, but there’s some new riders coming through as well as some favourites from the Olympics. Vicky Pendleton is however, still being amazing so we cracked open a bottle of pink wine to celebrate (although she’s not… Read More »

Chapel Down Bacchus Reserve 2007

Last weekend was the Milan-San Remo cycle race. It’s a classic. It wasn’t on TV until Monday so we agreed to a ‘Likely Lads’ style pact not to find out the result and to avoid cycling websites until Monday afternoon. It was unlikely that we’d learn the result on news or music radio, or UK… Read More »

Marvellous Mark Cavendish

Cavendish took another stage yesterday – hurrah! I’m low on English wines, but had one bottle of red that I’d picked up at the vineyard gate on my travels around the country. It was from a winery I’d been to before and I’d enjoyed good wine. We cracked it open, we poured, we prepared it… Read More »

France Overtaken

So France lost the yellow jersey today in the first time trial. I had English sparkling wine on ice ready for David Millar to take over, but Stefan Schumacher rather spoiled that party. I have no German wine in the house, and as I’m told Schumacher has a skeleton or two in his cupboard (and… Read More »

Tickled Pink By Wimbledon

Wimbledon is upon us. A chance to eat strawberries and cream whilst sitting in the rain listening to Cliff Richard, should you require one. What better way to kick off the week than with an English wine. Welland Valley Wines produce the delightfully named ‘Tickled Pink’, a sparkling pink wine. It’s a delicate rose pink,… Read More »